Monday, March 7, 2011

what we need is more MEAT

Today was MEAT day, meaning I just consumed the better part of a cow at Smitty’s Market a BBQ joint stuffed snuggly right off Lockhart’s main square.
First thing you walk into a very hot smoky room where people who smell of meat are standing in a sawdust hole.
Right at your feet is burning logs.
So basically what I imagine hell is like. Only with more delicious ribs.

Your plates are big squares of butcher paper and the sides are limited.
By all rights I should seriously dislike this place.
I am not the biggest fan of meat.

What I AM a fan of is really good food. Which Smitty’s delivers with gusto.
If I ignore the fact that the man who cut my meat was talking to his fellow saw dust standers about how only losers use online dating (granted I am a loser but still!)

I can suggest almost every meat product they carry.
The only Issue I took with there food was there sausage.
It was grease shaped conveniently into a sausage like shape.
Fist bite I took a river of grease ran out that would have put the Mississippi to shame ,completely soaking my plate (brown butcher paper)

But I have to concede that after I milked the sausage like a cows udder the mixture of meat and herbs stuffed into that casing was fantastic. With an even better after taste.

Go there. Eat Meat. Get fat Smitty's Market

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mama FU's!

your hanging out in South Austin. You wonder to yourself-"where to eat?" you want something delish,
sit down,
and last but certinly not least great food.
my suggestion?

Seriously y'all I go here whenever I can. Make all my friends/ prospective boyfriends /family eat here .
you pay just about the same price as you would for fast food.
(unless your a doller menu kinda person)
Everything I'v tried from the menue has been wonderfull.
Note: I dont eat shellfish so who knows how that tastes.
the kid loves it. there kids menu is full of fun things like
Ninja noodles, Scooby Fu, and the ever important Mac-n-Cheese.
there portions are a little rediculous so your nearly guranteed the need of a little take home box.




and I just realized my address is Food S-UFFS .
and it turns out that Foodstuffs is already taken.
wtf world? WTF!?!?!?
oh, annnnd they haven't used there blogspot since 2003...
*tears out hair* look if any blog is going to be completely ignored by the public its going to be me!
LETS THROW DOWN FOODSTUFFS.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!! foodsuffs will kick your butt talk reasonably about our issues!!!
ohhh yeaaaa

I may have over reacted.

listen I'll give you 1,000 internets if you give me your name thingy....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

*Shepherds Pie*

my masterpeice is complete!!!
and it didnt taste half bad.:)
I give it 3 out of 5 tv dinners
for ease of recipe.( I hardly burnet anything!)
it was quick and could have been quicker if i had used intant mash.

its not getting complet points because the kid didnt like it verymuch and its not an attractive meal.
I will defenitly keep this in the back of my mind for a throw together meal.

I did however break a bowl and cut my finger :(
I'm just putting up as a sacrifice to the cooking gods.
nothing spontaniously combusted in my pan, so im asumeing the gods are pleased.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Smell Smoke

why do I attempt to cook?
last night the house was filled with much smoke and weird smells.
That's what I get for thinking."the recipe says to add this...but wouldn't it taste better with some of this?" and that's when the pan caught fire.

tonight I start the epic battle of the ages.
making Shepard's Pie!

once again I looked at the recipe and made changes to it.
I have a sickness. I just cant leave a recipe alone. I have little to no cooking experience. Burning everything that touches my pan turns into little charcoal hunks u_u


mark my words world, Mark. My. Words.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Maiden Voyage

And the official start of Food Stuffs.
> the other day my mother was buried alive under a stack of Recipe books...Okay not really. but she very well could have been. we have some 100 something recipe books, and yet every week we eat basically the same thing
*pork chop
*something weird i threw together at the last second and tastes sort of okay.

yep, just fluff that up with a huge heaping of Fast Food ,and you have our average week. seem wrong to you?
we thought so too.

so we have a new mission in life. unlike those that came before us ,who wanted to be doctors, lawyers or presidents of Nicaragua. We're dreaming BIG!
we want to cook EVERYTHING in these cook books~
at least once a week try something new even if we don't think we will like it.
everything will be tried and rated.
(Except things with shellfish.Because I'm allergic and i don't want to die.)

and because im a giver.
I'll throw some food fails up here :)

see- thats why i cook it ON the little cardbord thing. (yes i know im not supposed to) and I hardly ever burn down the house!